Practical Approach in explaining any topic, even Math!

2. Student-Teacher Ratio of 15:1
   A Classroom never exceeds a strength of 15
3. Well trained Teachers, who are qualified and have a rich in-depth knowledge in the respective subjects

4. Friendly Environment
  We make sure every student loves the school and enjoys learning

5. According to us, Education isn't limited to text books. 
  Education according to is making a student a perfect social being.

6. Cleanliness : We dont think its wrong to say we have the cleanest campus and focus in health and safety of students. 

7. Technically far ahead of other schools
   We are proud to say our school is powered by technologies like Ubi and Raspberry Pi, which helps in your kid understand topics better and get ready for a modern world!
    We even have plans of getting "Virtual Reality" to our school, with the only hope that it conveys the topics in much better way..
As a famous saying goes, "A Picture is equal to a thousand words".