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CBSE curriculum with
activity based stress free learning

We enjoy an enviable academic reputation with outstanding annual results. We have had 100% result in 10th standard for last four years with 100% admissions to colleges.

We understand that every child is different and the curriculum will focus on developing the child’s individual skills, interests, attitudes and motivation.

Class strength is about twenty to ensure individual attention to quality of education.

Activity based education is stress free, encourages inquisitive behaviour and children love it. It makes children think, critically analyze, solve problems and innovate.

The curriculum is designed not only to ensure this academic momentum within school, but also to maximise success beyond it.
Large Youth Movement Bangalore Scottish School

The aim of the early years is to:
  • establish good habits of work
  • enable pupils to study a wide range of subjects
  • discover individual interests and talents
  • lay solid foundations for future success.
"Theme” is the highlight of our curriculum. Every month a theme is introduced on both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. This method helps to have a holistic development in the children, kindles their creativity and imagination, improves their conversational skills and communication.

Children are assessed regularly and after rigorous analysis, corrective measures if required are implemented
Children also attend lectures by a wide variety of high profile visiting speakers, as well as various specialist talks and seminars. There are opportunities for academic enrichment and study beyond the syllabus.

 All students take part in games sessions each week, and have the opportunity to represent the school in their chosen sport, supported by world class coaching.

Pupils work with public-facing organisations, providing an insight into the adult world and developing a sense of team work, social responsibility and initiative.